Dave Buonaguidi

Before discovering his calling as an artist Dave Buonaguidi explored his many talents, creating a business to aid and advise start-up endeavours, working as Channel 4’s creative director and even playing cricket for Italy! However, in a year hiatus from the advertising industry (which Buonaguidi calls his ‘gardening year’), he completed a screen-printing course which sparked the beginning of a brand new career.  


Buonaguidi always described himself as ‘a creative’ but it is through art that he found unrestrained expression. He began refining his new skill by experimentally printing with pheromones, sprinklers and copper plates before finding the joy of printing onto found objects and materials. His work aims to cause a reaction in the viewer, the juxtaposition of objects, like maps, with overlaying text challenges the viewer.  As each piece is on a different found object, every single work is unique and has a rich history that precedes its appropriation and transformation into an artwork. Buonaguidi creates an aesthetically pleasing and materialistically interesting artefact.