Jonas Claesson


Originally from Stockholm, Jonas Claesson mixes strong references from his new home in Australia with his Scandinavian roots. Claesson went to art school in Stockholm where he studied all mediums but was constantly drawn to illustration.  He continued his studies in Australia and began working as an illustrator for Billabong before branching out on his own.  In his colourful drawings, moose, polar bears, reindeers, seals and surfers cohabitate in a wonderful world. His traditional hand drawn illustrations are sometimes digitally coloured, resulting in a bold and expressive style. With this essence of vibrancy, Jonas’s freewheeling and unconventional take on everyday milieu has become his distinctive trademark.    Jonas draws things he is passionate about and things he would like to do and experience – he fell in love with the sea at an early age and this is most obvious in his art.  Claesson creates the most charming, otherworldly surf art which the viewer can get lost in.

He has exhibited worldwide including galleries in Japan and Hawaii along with his native Stockholm and Australia.

Clients he has worked with include Patagonia, Reef, H&M, Finisterre, C-Skins and many other surf brands.