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Maria Rivans is a contemporary British artist, known for her scrapbook-style collage aesthetic. A mash-up of Surrealism meets Pop-Art, Rivans’s work re-appropriates vintage ephemera to create dreamy realms, which transport the viewer into fantastical worlds of the imaginary, each one suffused with vivid colour, arresting imagery, intricate detail, and finished with a dusting of subtle humour.

Rivans studied 3D design at the University of Brighton, before turning to jewellery design and setting up her own workshop. But an aptitude for the visual arts was in her blood: growing up with her Italian family in Essex, hours of her childhood were devoted to drawing and doodling, listening to music, covering her bedroom walls with film and pop heroes, while she soaked up the televisual culture that would come to form her greatest influence.

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Drang: What has been your favourite / successful body of work created to date and why?
Maria: It would have to be the work I made for my solo show at the Saatchi Gallery.
I worked on one idea which became the running theme for each piece of collage I made. The theme was to intertwine the imagery and screenplays from three films within the body of work. The films were, A Stolen Life starring Bette Davis, Hitchcock’s Rear Window and Tarzan and I worked these films into my Landscapes, Pin-ups and Film Stills series. It was very satisfying when the time came to finally see the collages framed and hanging at Saatchi. I think I had pulled it off!

Inspiration – children’s vintage books Maria Rivans




Drang: Difficult question, but which has been your most challenging work?
Maria: Again the Saatchi show…it was very nerve wracking as I had a lot of pressure to make the best work I could possibly make. This show was going to be seen by a huge amount of people and it was my most important show to date.




Drang: We love your work, what do you enjoy most about your creative practice?
Maria: I love making, being hands-on and coming up with ideas. I have a huge sense of play when I work, often amusing myself with what I am creating.

Maria Rivans Carina Collage Rita Hepworth Arleen Whelan

Angelique Limited Edition Silkscreen by Maria Rivans New Editions available by Maria

Drang: Asides from working with the Drang Gallery, What has been your greatest achievement as an artist?
Maria: Apart from the Saatchi show it must be having a solo show in South Korea.
Galerie Bhak, Seoul put on a beautiful show for me and it was wonderful to work with such a compassionate and respected Gallery. The gallery then took my work on show around the world with them, so I feel very honoured to have been given such a great opportunity.

Drang: Have you ever created a piece that has turned out nothing like expected?
Maria: All the time. That is how my collages work, I begin with an idea or a theme start making and then the collage begins to dictate and takes the idea warping it into something very different.

Camille, New Limited edition silkscreen by Maria Rivans

Drang: Do you ever suffer from creative blocks and if so how do you get over them?
Maria: Fortunately I don’t suffer often, but when it strikes it usually happens when I am stressed and under a lot of pressure. The last time this occurred was when I was making for an art fair in Stockholm. I actually completely lost it, had a good cry, a good talking to myself, a chat with a friend and that seemed to shift the block. I then made one of the most popular Pin-ups to date, Amelia.

Drang: Tell us a little about your art collection and who is your favourite artist(s) and why?
Maria: I have 3 meter high ceilings in my flat, therefore the hall walls are pretty high and a brilliant space for hanging art. I am very lucky to live with some fabulous works by Bonnie and Clyde, Michelle Thompson, Dan Hillier, Frances Bloomfield, Pure Evil, Anouk Mercier, Matt Smith (both his ceramics and tapestries), Pam Glew, Magda Archer, Pete Frazier, Tracey Emin, Peter Philips, Russell Marshall and I keep adding to the collection whenever I can.

Drang: We feel building an art collection can be a challenging but great thing to do, Is there an artist’s work you aspire to own?
Maria: When I was visiting the Lilford Gallery and spotted a Rachel Whiteread. It was a 3D printed building but I couldn’t afford it at the time. I would love to own one of those.

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Original, Collage and mixed media by Maria Rivans

Drang: Which work has been most publicly advertised?
Maria: It was Lady Valentina, which was used to head the Affordable Art Fair campaign for Battersea and then followed by Milan. I think Mr Smith is catching up though, she is being used to head an arts festival in Spain.

Drang: Lastly Maria, what are your ambitions for the future?
Maria: I would love to be able to work in another country for around 6 months, especially Iceland. It is so otherworldly and the people are inspirational, I think it would help my art practice enormously.

Maria Rivans Studio sneek peek!


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