The Connor Brothers - Those Seen Dancing, 2017
The Connor Brothers - I Drink To Make Other People More Interesting, 2017
The Connor Brothers - All My Life I've Been A Liar, 2017
The Connor Brothers - She Lived In Constant Fear, 2017
The Connor Brothers - The Truth Is Rarely Pure & Never Simple, 2017


Exhibition in Salcombe 21st – 31st July
Exhibition in Padstow 4th – 14th August

Please click here to view the collection online.

We are very proud to have exhibited with The Connor Brothers at Henley Festival this July. We are more pleased to be holding two solo shows with the artists at our galleries in Padstow and Salcombe! The event will include their new 2017 collection, which comprises of refashioned pulp-romances in the form of unique pieces, limited editions and hand painted book covers.

The Connor Brothers have exhibited sell out shows across the world – London, Sydney, Germany, Los Angeles – and are quickly becoming a very popular duo. They started out under the pseudonym of twin brothers Franklyn and Brandon Connor, who escaped from a Christian cult, called ‘The Family. The brothers hoboed across America until they reached Brooklyn, New York. During their journey, they used notepads to sketch and communicate their new surroundings, and this is what their artwork evolved from.

The ‘brothers’ revealed their true identities as James Golding and Mike Snelle, artists based in London. Both Golding and Snelle have previously struggled with addictions and mental health. They have expressed that the facade of The Connor Brothers mirrors pieces of their lives. ‘We replaced addiction and mental illness with growing up in isolation, and recovery became escaping from a cult.’. The Connor Brothers are firm believers of finding therapy in art and are advocates for mental health.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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