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It is time to get out the blankets and warm up by the fire! Pair that with a glass of something that warms you from the inside out, and you’re ready for the festive season. Hopefully, you were able to gather enough wines to get you through at our Christmas Wine Tasting!
Damien and The Wine

We have put away the wine and found those special treats we desired to warm us up this Christmas! Saturday 17th November saw the return of an afternoon full of sampling delectable whites, sumptuous reds and fabulous fizzes alongside copious amounts of gifting ideas from bottles to hampers. It was great to welcome so many of you into The Drang Gallery to enjoy our art and BinTwo’s wine! Offering some delicious samples and finding exciting gift ideas for the people that make the festive season special. We can happily say that this year saw the biggest turn out. It was great to see a large number of merry customers enjoying what we had to offer!


I am sure you were able to find all the tasty wines and bubbles you needed for that festive season. We were grateful to see many of our regular locals come and support us! The gratefulness continued as we found people had traveled across the country to attend.

Thank you for your support with our Christmas Wine Tasting and we hope to continue to supply events you can’t say no to attending!

Christmas Wine Tasting 2018 Christmas Wine Tasting 2018



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