Racy, bold and defiant.  Tracey Emin’s autobiographical approach may have often been criticized and misunderstood, but her controversial unmade bed, shortlisted for the 1999 Turner Prize, is a defining work of the postmodern epoch. Strewn with detritus from an emotional break down, My Bed invited viewers into the artist’s private personal space, exposing her vulnerability and showing her to be as fragile as the rest of the world.  One of the YBA artists, Tracey Emin establishes an honest, confessional dialogue allowing for emotional engagement.

Believe In Extraordinary is a recent release and marks Team GB’s participation in the first European Games, hosted by Azerbaijan.  Tracey depicts a small bird perched upon a pomegranate tree branch, an Azerbaijani emblem of unity central to the Games’ visual identity. The uplifting and universal text encompasses Team GB’s sense of achievement, inspiring us all to strive for our personal best!

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