Anthony Amos Exhibition 2017
Paintings to commemorate the memory of a great marine artist; Anthony Amos
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From Saturday 18th March, The Drang Gallery in Padstow will give up its walls to a special collection of paintings and drawings by the late and well loved Devon-based painter, Anthony Amos (1950 – 2010), whose works depict a chilling Turneresque resemblance, swapping brushes for fingers and rag using oil and bitumen as his allies to mostly portray the danger and hardship of those whose livelihood relied upon the treacherous seas. The exhibition will open with a drinks preview on Saturday 18th March, 2-4pm and will then continue daily until 1st April, opening 10am till 5pm. To attend the show or request a catalogue of works please join us in the gallery.

Not only will the show be a wonderful opportunity to remember a great South West painter, but is an incredible occasion to see many works never before exhibited. Hung together as one collection, the varied paintings provide what can only be described as a wonderful insight into Anthony Amos’ artistic life.

Most of the paintings shown will exhibit his signature use of bitumen, this being the only paint medium available whilst developing his skills during his long years of work at sea. The medium gave rise to his sepia trademark images which in themselves engender a nostalgic vision of the past. His later combination with traditional oil and water based paints gave rise to the wonderful textures and forms created in these immiscible and contrasting media.Born in Bristol in 1950, Anthony went to sea at the age of 17 where he spent the majority of his working life, including 10 years with the Merchant Navy. It was not until he was in his forties that he returned to one of his first loves and undertook a course in art which led him to develop his own inimitable style. It was his life experiences at sea that fuelled the material throughout his entire career, painting marine subjects with great honesty and understanding.

Self taught as an artist, Anthony Amos’ art emerged out of his natural ability for image-making and a feeling for the topic he depicted. Across his overture of subjects, Anthony portrayed the physical and often threatening power, present in both nature and man. His images are of dangerous and dirty work, of never-ending manual labour and incessant repair, typically of worn out men trying to keep worn out boats afloat. From images of salt encrusted rusting hulks, to the dust and rust of the dry dock.

Tony’s painting practice lasted for some twenty years, during this period he wasted no time in producing stunning and powerful works. Drawing from memory and experience, together with his passion for art and masterly images, Anthony created a body of striking and moving work. Often painting on large boards his approach was a physical one, Anthony would often cast aside brushes, for a favoured use of rags and fingers, contradicting all the formal rules of fine Art painting.

The Drang gallery is proud to continue the promotion of works by the late artist and friend, Anthony Amos. We would like to thank his collectors and fans for their commitment, together with The Brownston Gallery and his estate for their added support. Together we are continuing his legacy as one of the most celebrated artistic talents of the South West. Some of the pieces on show today are old favourites, whilst others have not been shown in public before. We hope you enjoy these impressive artworks and gain a sense of who Anthony was and the legacy he left as an artist.

‘Tony’s works are not only a delight to view and have in our lives, but are extremely dear to us, especially so as he was a close friend and humble soul. It is an honour to host an exhibition in his memory”  Justin Easton – Director of The Drang Gallery



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