Sweet Alysseum

Silver Violetta                 Medium: Silver, steel, nickel plated spoons                  Dimensions: 56 x 54 x 54 cm


Early June saw the Drang Gallery in Salcombe hosting a spectacular collection of unique works of art by Ann Carrington several of which sold before the show even opened.  

Part magpie, part alchemist, Carrington creates pieces that take an extraordinary amount of time to complete.  Describing her practice she says:

“I take mundane, unremarkable objects and transform them into surprising, witty and hopefully beautiful artworks.”

Amongst some of her most collectable pieces are the Pearly Queens series, where hand dyed buttons are sewn onto a crimson, or black canvas emulating the 1st Class Royal Mail stamp.

Carrington is the only artist to obtain a license from the Royal Mail to produce stamp artworks featuring the Queen.  No other fine artist has this license, ensuring there will be no copies or counterfeits.

The first in the Pearly Queen series was purchased by Jacob Rothschild and now forms part of the Rothschild collection.  The Queen also commissioned a Pearly Queen (in red and gold) to accompany the Banner made for the Diamond Jubilee, which was also created by Ann Carrington.

In addition to her work in buttons, the show also featured magnificent urns decorated with giant coins from Ann’s ‘Pots of Money’ series.  

Many visitors to the gallery were amazed by the sculptural bouquets which Ann creates from old cutlery welding each individual ‘stem’ then arranging them into unique and stunning works of art, one example of which is now the the permanent collection.

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