Alastair Gibson Exhibition
19th April 2016 – 1st July 2016

45 Park Lane in association with Roy Ackerman CBE and The Drang Gallery is pleased to be staging a solo exhibition of Carbon Fibre sculptures by artist Alastair Gibson.


Tuesday 19th April, 6 p.m. 2016

The official launch of the ‘Aero Manta’ sculpture on the Island outside the Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, accompanied by an exhibition of Carbon Sculptures at 45 Park Lane.


Aero Manta, Carbon Fibre and Selected F1 Car Parts, Edition of 10

“We are honoured to be working with Roy Ackerman, The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane, to be given the opportunity to bring one of our key artists to the London art scene. We have supported Alastair’s work for 5 years and to see it grace the Island of the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane is truly an incredible feat for an artist who only 8 years ago was leading an F1 team of mechanics around the world chasing a title! But Alastair, like his sculptures, is hard to ignore and has ‘winner’ in his blood it seems… We look forward to race day!”
Justin Easton, Gallery Director

Drawing on his twenty-two years of experience in precision motorsport engineering, Alastair Gibson has pioneered a new form of sculpted art. Following his career in Formula 1, firstly as lead mechanic for the Benetton F1 team, followed by his role as race team chief mechanic for the BAR / Honda Grand Prix Team, Alastair has now turned his hand to producing breath-taking sculptures, combining the strength and beauty of carbon fibre with the best of technology in the F1 industry.

Drawing inspiration from his experiences and challenges in motorsport, combined with his passion for sea and wildlife, Alastair is creating cutting edge, aero and hydro-dynamic sculpture in seamless form and exquisite finish. Starting with one of the ocean’s most iconic predators, the hammerhead shark, originally commissioned by Jenson Button, he has developed and expanded his sculptural range to win world-wide recognition.


Engineered Hammer, Carbon Fibre and Selected F1 Car Parts, Edition of 12

Now in his eighth year as a full-time artist, Alastair is establishing himself as the front-runner in ‘carbon fibre sculpture’ and has developed a portfolio of work that ranges through the depiction of the speed of the mako shark, the aggression of the red bellied piranha, the ancient lineage of the atlantic sturgeon, and culminating in the familiarity of the native mackerel and trout. Always ambitious, Alastair has recently completed a magnificent life-size manta ray entitled the ‘Aero Manta’, which with a 3 metre wing span, and manufactured in a ten piece mould, is a most impressive sculpture. Current F1 car parts, accentuate the detailing of all the finer features.


F1 Parts accentuate the finer details of Alastair's impressive life-size 'Aero Manta'

F1 Parts accentuate the finer details of Alastair’s impressive life-size ‘Aero Manta’

Diversifying his range, the highly technical solid carbon fibre sculptures: ‘Carbon King’ a life size male lion skull, and ‘We are all made of stars’ a life size human skull, are manufactured painstakingly, by laminating hundreds of pre-cut carbon fibre layers. Polished bismuth alloy is used for the highly detailed teeth which place these two sculptures as two of his most engineered works.

Alastair’s work is at the intersection and cutting edge of both Art and Engineering. Every sculpture comes with its own specification sheet itemising precisely the F1 heritage of the car parts and their production / part numbers that have been incorporated into each sculpture. For example, the mounting of the first ‘Carbon king’ ed 1/6 was, in a previous life, the titanium barrel from the gearbox of Jenson Button’s 2006 race winning Hungarian Grand Prix car.

With a wealth of talent, skill and knowledge in his field Alastair has gained a remarkable reputation throughout the F1 industry and now across the art world. With an ever growing demand for his very limited production of works, his immaculate finishing and attention to detail makes these sculptures not only a joy to view and possess, but keeps them highly exclusive and endows them with a collectability value which will stand the test of time.

The Drang Gallery is proud to have represented Alastair Gibson’s work since 2011, not only developing a huge fan base from our galleries in the South West, but also bringing it to the global market. The journey continues with exhibitions in London, Paris, and Hong Kong on the horizon.


“I’m delighted to be previewing my new work with the help of Roy Ackerman at The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane this April. It’s an incredible opportunity for an emerging artist like myself, and as it is a public space it can be appreciated by all”

Alastair Gibson, Carbon fibre Sculptor.



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