The Drang Gallery is proud to present ‘Birds’ – a solo exhibition of bronze sculpture by Adam Binder. The rich and diverse collection focuses on some of Britain’s most recognised and well-loved birds.

Adam Binder lives and works in the Cotswolds where he is constantly inspired by his bountiful and dynamic surroundings. One of Britain’s leading wildlife sculptors of the 21st Century, Adam engages the viewer through his signature fluid and flowing lines, depicting subtle movement and emotion. The balance and sensibility of each bronze piece beautifully captures the essence of Adam’s subjects and reflects many hours of meticulous and dedicated study. Deep earthy patinas complete each piece and ensure each depiction is easily identifiable in colour and form.

Bullfinches, Edition of 24

Bullfinches, Edition of 24

Adam’s new collection of works are petite and large in scale, each one intimate and engaging in its own unique way. Fourteen Long Tailed Tits is a stunning meter long piece depicting the birds huddling together on a line and the Bullfinches duo, one of Adam’s most recent releases, confidently display their handsome grandeur and red breasts. The Drang Gallery is also exhibiting Adam’s African Bee Eaters and Greenfinches, new pieces demonstrating Adam’s effective use of sensitive composition and narrative. Many of the works in the exhibition are reminiscent of scenes we experience in our very own back gardens.

14 Long Tailed Tits, Edition of 9

14 Long Tailed Tits, Edition of 9


7. Greenfinches group

Greenfinches, Edition of 12


Adam won the prestigious David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year award in 2010 and was elected as a Member of the Society of Wildlife Artists in 2011. It is clear to see why Adam’s work has grown in popularity and is recognised and collected all over the world. Adam’s deep rooted love for nature and conservation saw him complete a monumental 12ft Bronze Polar Bear in 2013 called Boris, a bold statement on the ever-increasing problem of global warming.

Adam’s other collections portraying the diverse realms of land and sea animals are also available to view at The Drang Gallery.


‘Nature is my passion and my constant distraction’

Adam Binder


We had the pleasure of celebrating the opening of the ‘Birds’ exhibitions in Padstow and Salcombe with Adam himself. ‘Birds’ continues in Salcombe until 10th April 2016.



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