Anthony Amos: Marlborough

14 March - 14 April 2018



We are pleased to present for the second year an intimate collection of original works by the much loved Anthony Amos. Drawing from the experience of his life as Merchant Marine, Anthony created a truly powerful body of artwork.

The artists painting practice lasted for some twenty years. Often found painting on large boards, his approach was a physical one, opting for his hands and rags over brushes. Utilising oil paint and bitumen Anthony would build textured layers, mimicking the rust and weathering of a ship’s frame, colossal dockyards and vast lonely seas.


Industrial and hulking, many of the ships Anthony painted are suspended on an ethereal backdrop, where the ocean and skies blend in one marbled plane. Filled with atmosphere these emotive works transcend us to this historical way of industrial sea life.


Amongst the highlights of the show are never seen before paintings and an exclusive release of limited edition prints. In remembrance and appreciation of the hugely talented Anthony Amos, we look forward to sharing this special collection of works with you.