Jessica Albarn: Salcombe

4 - 11 May 2019



The Drang Salcombe presented the latest stunning works by Jessica Albarn.  The exhibition entitled ‘Meadows of Eve’ drew inspiration from a meadow in the South Hams of Devon. 


We were honoured to host the artist’s first solo show, and privileged to have the artist in attendance, along with many members of her family, for the show preview.  The exhibition was a great success with several pieces sold within the first half hour of opening!


Building on her earlier work of bringing new life to dead, endangered or extinct species, in this show Albarn traced the many layers of life in a Devon meadow. Using fine line drawings on paper, and multi-media including glass and gold leaf, Albarn explores the idea that nature is being increasingly seen behind glass as more and more species die out.  A series of owls, flowers, and an homage to the bee were starting points to explore the interconnectedness and the fragility of nature and man’s effect on the environment.


The installation of the works and their relationship to the space they occupy is crucial to Albarn, who wanted visitors to view them in a place near to where these insects live.  We look forward to hosting more events with Jess in the future.