About Roy Wright

Roy Wright studied at Hull College of Art, gaining a degree in illustration. Having worked on many national newspapers (twice winning the British Press Award for Graphics/Illustration) he then left to concentrate on his own work and has won many awards including a Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Drawing Award.

Roy spends a lot of time observing and drawing trees and other natural forms, working from different viewpoints that he finds exciting. Wright says he feels inspired by the physical and powerful presence of these beautiful forms and is often drawn to the bark of an ancient oak or tries to capture, for example, snow clinging to the trunks and branches after snow storms. Roy Wright feels there is a great satisfaction that can be gained from hours spent in close scrutiny of a tree. He says there is something extraordinary about the relationship between ourselves and trees, the need to be close to and connect with nature, walking through forests renewing our spirits with their beauty and the constantly changing seasons.

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