We are very proud to be presenting POLAR OBSESSION, Paul Nicklen’s award winning fine art photography from the field and assignments for National Geographic and other global environmental bodies, in support of his non-profit organisation SeaLegacy dedicated to raising awareness and interest in the protection of our seas and wildlife.

Polar Obsession captures the majesty of nature in the most extreme environments on our planet, with underwater imagery never previously seen, and incredible landscape shots these images inspire empathy, appreciation and understanding and receive recognition worldwide enabling action and protection against human pollution, interference and climate change and the multitude of impacts these topical issues have on these environments and their species.

SALCOMBE: Preview 10th August, 6-8pm. Exhibition continues 11th – 24th August 2017.

PADSTOW: Preview 1st September, 6-8pm. Exhibition continues 2nd – 22nd September 2017

Polar Reflection Paul Nicklen


Paul Nicklen was born in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, he grew up within an Inuit community on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, perhaps it is no wonder he is so passionate about the frozen world and the way climate change is devastating it.

Nicklen completed a degree in marine biology from The University of Victoria in British Colombia in 1990, and worked with Canada’s Department of Renewable Resources as a wildlife biologist before becoming a wildlife and nature photographer in 1995. Since becoming a photographer Nicklen has worked in some of the most extreme areas on this planet – Antarctica and the Arctic. His work has emphasis on climate change and the impacts it is having not only on the landscape, but its inhabitants too.

“When you get in the water with a wild animal, you’re essentially giving yourself to that animal because, as humans, we’re quite helpless and vulnerable in the water. You’re at the seal’s mercy. You’re at the predator’s mercy.” — Paul Nicklen, National Geographic

The work Nicklen produces has allowed his audience to enter a fragile and ever changing world that we would not otherwise see. He makes us feel compassionate, grateful and compelled to change and protect the withering beauty of our planet. Nicklen’s emotional and inspirational artwork has collected over 30 of the highest awards given to any photographer in his field, including the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the prestigious World Press Photo for Photojournalism.

Paul is now a prominent figure not only in the photography world, he is also recognised by the conservation community for his outspoken work and has been awarded the Natural Resources Defense Council BioGems Visionary Award. Most recently, Nicklen was bestowed an honorary PhD at the University of Victoria, for the impact his photography has had on climate change. Nicklen is the founder of SeaLegacy, an organisation that uses visual storytelling and photography to further the cause of ocean conservation.

In addition, Nicklen is a sought-after speaker, a TED Talks legend, an author, and National Geographic Fellow. In the past two decades, Paul has collaborated with scientists, filmmakers, conservationists and explorers to evoke action and create consciousness of global issues.

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