Nicholas Williams is a British painter whose work first drew attention in 1995 when the critic, the late Brian Sewell commented in the Daily Telegraph “The quality of the painting seemed to me astounding”. This paved the way for a series of exhibitions of Williams’ work including solo exhibitions at the Russell-Cotes Museum & Art Gallery and the Royal Cornwall Museum. His work features in both private and public collections including the British Museum, London and the Frissaris Museum, Athens.

Painting exclusively from life, the combination of adopting a studio methodology developed in the 17th Century with an allegorical approach to examining contemporary issues gives his work a unique position within contemporary art. “….there is no one else that I can think of who places himself quite so firmly in the great tradition of early Baroque, yet with no sense of anachronism or pastiche.” William Packer, Critic. Williams only produces a small number of works a year and rarely stages solo exhibitions.

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