Marit Geraldine Bostad is an abstract colourist. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art Direction in Oslo in 1997. She works and lives in Horten in Vestfold County, Norway, and her studio is at an old naval base, where she finds most of her work inspiration in the middle of decaying historical buildings succumbing to nature.

Her paintings carry an emotionally charged impetus, which she describes as a kind of therapy and a way to switch off her mind, but which make a lasting impression on the viewer. Her abstract paintings are influenced by memories and people, whose essence she intuitively attempts to preserve on the canvas. Richly coloured and textured, incorporating layer upon layer of acrylic paint, the canvases are imbued with a fresh, youthful approach, positivity, and invigorating colour palette.

“I have been drawn to move beyond conveying external memories and feelings gained from human observation in my work process, to reach deeper into my own psyche – attempt to erase the line between the conscious and subconscious, allowing the canvas to become the tangible manifestation of my inner psyche. My plan right now is to have no plan.”

Bostad was originally an Art Director, with 10 years of visual projects within film and illustration in Oslo. In 2010, Bostad left her career in Art Direction to pursue her painting full time, and in 2015 she opened her own gallery, Geraldine. In April 2017, Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory at Saatchi Art picked out Bostad as one of the “4 Must See Artists” at The Other Art Fair London, which was at the time presenting 130 emerging artists from all over the world.

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