Marit Geraldine Bostad is a Norwegian abstract expressionist painter.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art Direction in Oslo in 2000 and currently works in a disused naval base surrounded by nature, where she finds tranquillity for her works.  Her creative process is often characterised by different layers in contrast with each other.  A constant battle of the right kind of unbalance, both in gestures, colours and mark making.

The impetus of her paintings is emotionally charged.  Describing her practice as a kind of therapy and a way to switch off from the flurry of conscious activity in her mind, Bostad’s feelings and expressions in her work are highlighted by their lasting impression on the viewer.  Her abstract paintings are the result of an inner journey in her subconscious where the goal is to attempt to erase the line between the conscious and subconscious, allowing the canvas to become the tangible manifestation of her inner psyche.  Memory and people are the themes from which she draws inspiration and colours are the medium to transpose their essence on the canvas, this results in the creation of unique vibrant and emotional paintings.

Through a series of paintings on canvas, Marit Geraldine Bostad investigates the themes that are central to her artistic research, the inner psyche, memories and human interaction. She blends her colours by pouring paint directly onto the canvas using a variety of tools, seldom using the paintbrush, to create diverse and versatile effects, resulting in broad expressive strokes whose vibrant colour emanates from the surface.  As she moves the paint around the canvas, consistent colour blends start to form; these blended gestures become auras that grow and merge with pure colour.  Marit Geraldine explores the Nordic Colour tradition in a bold new direction, blending tone to tone pastels with sparks of fluorescent and manifesting her own personal psychic state onto the canvas.  She builds up and breaks down the diverse elements of her personal experience and brings them together in a new plastic dimension.

“It’s all about unlearning, finding your own inner voice – well hidden among echoes from our society”

Bostad was originally an Art Director, with 10 years of visual projects within film and illustration in Oslo.  In 2010, Bostad left her career in Art Direction to pursue her painting full time, and in 2015 she opened her own gallery, Geraldine.  In April 2017, Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory at Saatchi Art picked out Bostad as one of the “4 Must See Artists” at The Other Art Fair London, which was at the time presenting 130 emerging artists from all over the world.

Bostad has exhibited in galleries in both New York and LA.  In the summer of 2018, she was invited to Saatchi Art Gallery in Santa Monica, to be part of their summer show En Verano.  She was also artist in residency at Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation at MANA Contemporary in New York, summer 2018.  Most recently she has been featured in Issue 13 of Create Magazine.

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