Hamish Mackie – British Wildlife Sculptor

“What I recognised in his work was a viceral and emotional connection between animals, Hamish and the clay” – Nancy Minshull-Beech

When looking at the work by Hamish Mackie, you realise that he is not only an artist of experience, but is also a great talent for capturing the form and characteristics of animal in its natural habitat. “You should be able to look a wildlife sculpture in the eye and see life!” Hamish Mackie

Leopards in a Tree by Hamish Mackie, Sculpture Bronze StudioWorking from his home studio in Oxfordshire, Mackie designs, sculpts and refines his wildlife editions in detailed bronze. Using the lost wax technique, his work captures every detail in bronze and being involved at each stage of the process, award-winning sculptor, Hamish Mackie is able to perfect his sculptural designs into truly wonderful editions.

“Observing animals in their own environment is essential to understanding the subject’s physical and instinctive traits. For example, the disposition of a captive predator is very different from that of a predator in the wild.”   Hamish Mackie

Born in 1973, Hamish Mackie grew up on a livestock farm in Cornwall, England. He developed a love of wildlife at an early age. After Radley College, Falmouth School of Art and studying design at Kingston University, Hamish began sculpting full time in 1996, thus turning his passions into a career. In 2007 Hamish built a studio in Oxfordshire, where he now lives and works. 

Hamish Mackie At Work
Arctic Turn by Hamish Mackie, Sculpture Bronze StudioHamish Mackie working, Sculpture Bronze StudioElephant Bulls Fighting by Hamish Mackie, Sculpture Bronze StudioSculpture Hamish Mackie studio


Since his last solo show in 2013, Hamish Mackie has won and completed a major public art commission for the Berkeley Homes Goodman’s Field development in the City of London. This project involves six life and quarter size horses running loose through the pedestrianised Plaza.

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