Dave White and The Drang Gallery

In 2016 The Drang gallery started working with Dave White. Instantly his works were a hit amongst our clients. In 2016 he was one of our top selling artists with his works being greatly received. We are delighted to have placed his work in many different interiors and clients’ homes. At The Drang we enjoy specialising in White’s large works which accommodate our spaces and homes in Devon and Cornwall.

Dave’s refreshing approach to scale and colour aids to his success. Who would not love an oversized original flamingo? The Drang Gallery have already dealt with a considerable amount of White’s work from both of his recent portfolio’s, ALBION and CRITICAL. Safely finding new homes for the Hummingbird, Stag, Apex, Lion editions…. to name a few.

The demand and client recognition we gained allowed us to further our relationship with Dave white, allowing us to offer and show original and exclusive limited editions. From acrylic and oil on canvas to watercolour and charcoal on paper. In the later half of 2016 we saw White produce a selection of exclusive releases for the Drang incorporating his love for hand embellishment & glazes.

Dave is without doubt one of Britain’s most relevant and recognised artists of the time. He has built a style that only he is really known for. The fluid and expressive marks, the unrefined nature of the work in front of us is so fleshy and rich, engaging and bold; you are automatically drawn to the work.

Here at the Drang we enjoy visiting Dave White (when we can!) in his studio, where we can really get a feel and understanding how Dave creates these amazing paintings.

Drang Gallery studio visit with Dave White

The Drang Gallery visiting Dave White in his old studio. June 2016

A Little Bit of History about Dave WhiteDave White Photograph profile image

He was born in Liverpool in 1971. In 1993 he achieved a BA in Fine Art from Liverpool John Moore’s University and enjoyed success from the inception of his career with selection for the Northern Graduates exhibition at the Royal College of Art in 1994. This lead to major exhibitions in London and on the international art fair circuit. He has also shown work alongside David Hockney and Picasso at Sotheby’s Blue Cross Centenary exhibition and the Connaught Brown. His international highlights have subsequently included the People’s Square Exhibition Hall (Shanghai), Dia Art Centre (New York), Centre for Arts (Rotterdam), and Art Basel (Miami).

Dave White and his collaboration with Nike & Air Jordan

Dave is also recognised for his long and standing relationship with Nike and Brand Jordan. Dave pioneered the ‘Sneaker Art’ movement of 2002, creating pop art inspired portraits of trainers. White’s work continued to be admired by major brands. In 2007, Coca Cola commissioned him to create a painting of Jay Z’s new design for Cherry Coke. It is quite remarkable that Dave White is also the only living artist to have collaborated with Brand Jordan for the release of his sell out Air Jordan I.
White has recently reignited this relationship for the third time running for a collaborative release of the iconic Air Max 95. White focuses on the Fox and Rabbit works from the Albion collection to create these vibrant and colour ‘sneakers’ so strong in White’s signature style.

Dave White Solo Show at The Drang Gallery May 2017

The Drang galleries in Padstow and Salcombe are excited to announce a solo show of Dave White in May 2017. We will release more details very soon, but expect new and exclusive original work as well as some vibrant new editions! Dave White first release for 2017 is the African parrots called “Love Bird (Pair)” available in two sizes. Dave has painted these two colourful birds beak to beak, using beautiful bold mark-making concentrating on the beady eyes and the ruffled feathers, we are sure excited to see where this year takes us!

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