Southern California Surfer Andy Davis is one of the most stoked and passionate people you will ever encounter. And his art is an extension of the electric enthusiasm he has for wave riding and the culture that surrounds it. When asked to describe his work he doesn’t have anything cryptic or lofty to say about it, he keeps it mellow as always: “There isn’t any attitude, and it’s not confrontational,” says Andy. “It makes people smile, or laugh, but mostly I hope it just makes them feel good. Surfing and the culture of cool around it can get too serious sometimes. That’s the last place we need that kind of attitude. It’s our sanctuary.”

Over the past two decades, Andy was the driving force behind several successful surf brands like Free, Byrd and Ando & Friends, all of which featured his art. Today he has a brand that embodies the spirit of his art called Andy Davis Designs. The often faceless subjects in Andy’s work represent a universal interpretation of the basic moments and clean lines (no matter what board you’re on) found in our collective surfing experiences: waxing up, paddling out, hooting at a buddy’s ride, being locked in the pocket. The surfers in his art could be me, or you, or Andy, and that’s what makes his work a wonderful shared experience for viewers.

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