Alastair Mackie’s complex practice is often labour-intensive, but the result is almost always disarmingly simple. The effort that has gone into the making of the pieces seems to resonate in the background, granting Mackie’s work an indefinable profundity. The artist brings order to nature’s chaos. He turns it into reassuringly mundane, quantifiable and usable materials – as if striving to make sense of his role and position within his own environment. Mackie reconciles the formal with the conceptual in a generous body of works that challenges the deep-rooted separation between animal and human, and exposes the clichés still hampering our understanding of man’s relationship to the natural world (Coline Milliard).

Born in 1977, Alastair has shown his work extensively in the UK and abroad, including exhibitions at the Venice Biennale, the Wallace Collection, and the Reykjavik Art Museum. In 2009 The Contemporary Art Society commissioned his first public outdoor piece ‘Mimetes Anon’ for the Economist Plaza in St. James’s, London.

His work is held in collections including: the Saatchi Collection in London, the Olbricht Collection in Berlin, and the Salsali Private Museum in Dubai.

Alastair lives and works in Cornwall

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