There has always been a duality in the way Ben Allen makes art – this enables him an ever-evolving development of techniques and a continuous progression of ideas. His gestural paintings channel a vivid subconscious energy and stream of aesthetic influences, using screen printing techniques to build highly structured, graphical images, which are considered, repetitive and refined alongside a subconscious onslaught of actions, hurled at the canvas until a composition emerges and finds its place. At points, these contrasting sides converge and symbolise the variations within society and human nature.


“Through my paintings and prints, all aspects of the human condition find a place and I want people to be able to relate by looking and finding something familiar within the abstracted marks and brightly coloured, graphical imagery. I am motivated by the fact that people respond to different images in their own, very personal way and that response can change over time, depending on mood and circumstance. I am also interested in the effect the work has on people’s response to the world around them. I am fascinated by the idea that art can fundamentally impact consciousness, and I make work to exploit this very human sensitivity.” Ben Allen


Ben Allen's clients include brands such as Vans, Converse, Levis and Nokia, with celebrity purchases from Amy Winehouse Foundation and Jamie Oliver. His work is held in private collections throughout the globe and he has been featured in many diverse publications such as The Observer, The Times, Elle, Time Out, Loaded and GQ.