I Love You Very Much


Limited edition of 25
Medium: silkscreen and mixed media, with collage wood veneer, 3D handpainted wood elements, LED lights, embossing, diamond dust, gold leaf and glazes
Dimensions: Approx. 115 x 51 cm framed


“I am intrigued by lettering, I find different typefaces and fonts fascinating. I studied Roman lettering, typography and typesetting at Gravesend School of Art. This training has influenced my work throughout my career and made me question the gap between fine art and commercial art. I started to use found letters and commercial lettering in the 50s and still do today. ‘Love’ and ‘I Love You Very Much’ are an attempt to make print editions that include ‘real’ elements. Some of the letters are lit up like fairground signs, some are made with wood, I’ve also used wood veneer, diamond dust and embossing, it’s amazing the effects you can achieve in printmaking.”

Peter Blake

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