Last Meal On Death Row – Louis Jones Jr.

Medium: Digital print on goats skin, custom framing
Limited Edition of 35, signed and numbered by the artist
Dimensions: 69.4 x 58 cm

Please be aware each frame is custom made to order and thus subject to an approximate 6-8 week waiting period for delivery.


Former Special Forces soldier Louis Jones Jr. stole onto a military base in San Angelo, Texas. He was looking for his estranged wife, also an Army officer, with whom he had violently fought earlier in the week. Instead of his wife, he found Pvt. Tracie McBride. He forced McBride, at gunpoint, to leave the base and, after raping her in his apartment, took her to a desolate area 30 miles outside of town where he beat her over the head with a tire iron until she was dead. He left her body under a bridge. Tracie McBride was 19 years old.

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