Maria Rivans – Marianne (Anita Ekberg)
Medium: Giclee and screenprint with iridescent gold and spot varnishes
Dimensions: 82 x 112 cm Framed
Edition of 60



‘Marianne’ depicts Swedish siren Anita Ekberg, her emerald eyes and ice-pink lips picked out from the vintage photograph.

An explosive concoction of collaged elements, Marianne depicts life aquatic, building up from a delicately woven collar of spiky sea anemones, through marine biology and up to coastal commotion, where garlanded girls frolic in the waves.

But watch out for the ocean’s darker side: woven amongst soft seaweeds and colourful clownfish, a host of perils await, from vicious sharks to carnivorous creatures, lurking in the deep…

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