Howler Monkey (Alouatta Sara) II


Medium: black pigmented ink on paper
Dimensions: 34 x 40 cm (framed)


In 2014 the Jennifer spent 3 months in the Bolivian Amazon at the International NGO and animal refuge Communidad Inti Wara Yassi. The refuge is situated on 800 hectares of biologically diverse forest in the Guarayos region of the country. After helping to care for and being in close proximity to some of the animals Hooper gained a unique insight into the consequences of habitat degradation and the illegal wildlife trade in Bolivia.

The intricate watercolours of dead tumbling butterflies (Lepidoptera) were inspired by initial studies and sketches of ones found on the forest floor over the course of the artists time in Bolivia. Since then, having amassed a collection of specimens in the studio, Hooper renders the invertebrates in minute detail and intense colour, closer inspection reveals their imperfections, highlighting their transient beauty. References are made to natural history collections and cabinets of curiosities.

The monochrome ink studies of different monkey species are unsentimental portraits imbued with a still, absent quality. The attention is drawn to their gestures and postures which are embedded with uncanny human characteristics.

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