J Hammer (Juvenile Hammerhead)

Medium: Carbon Fibre and Formula One car components
Unique Edition of 16
Dimensions: 110 x 45 x 100 cm on base
Weight: 6 kg

For further information, please contact the gallery (here)

Please be aware each sculpture is made to order and thus subject to an approximate 3-6 month waiting period for delivery.


“The motivation behind this sculpture was my passion for F1 and the chance it has given me to show and use the engineering skills processes and procedures I acquired during my 14 years as a mechanic. This sculpture is how I see a scalloped hammerhead shark swimming in the oceans of the world.”

All juvenile Hammerhead sharks are exact smaller versions of their parents. The j hammer is half the size of the original engineered hammer sculpture.

Sculpture limited to sixteen pieces and two artist proofs.

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