Arctic Stroll

Medium: Bronze
Edition of 12
Dimensions: 27 x 57 x 19 cm

Colours may vary from those seen on screen. We believe that this unique patina makes each piece extra special; however, if you have a preference for the colour seen here, please let us know and we will send your request to Adam when placing the order.

Please be aware each sculpture is made to order and thus subject to a 3 month waiting period for delivery.


Adam binder is an avid environmentalist and in 2013 his 12ft 700kg Polar Bear ‘Boris’ was exhibited in Sloan square for 28 days to highlight the deterioration of habitats due to global warming. This smaller Polar bear was made in recognition of this larger work and we feel that it really captures the beauty and sedate nature of these wonderful creatures.

Adam Binder uses two foundries based in Cotswolds; Faber Pyropus Foundry in Cheltenham for smaller pieces and Castle Fine Arts Foundry in Stroud. Both specialise in lost-wax bronze casting, in which a wax reproduction of the sculpture is created with a ceramic shell. The wax is then replaced with a molten bronze.

Where possible Adam observes his subjects in their natural environment, he lets their movement and interaction inform the studies providing a richer basis for his sculptural pieces.

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