Jennifer Hooper is a London based visual artist, she studied painting and photography at Camberwell College of art and anatomy at UCL. She has exhibited internationally and travels regularly in an exploratory way to inform her practice.

More recently, through collaborative exhibitions, projects and research trips she has endeavoured to highlight and respond to environmental concerns, commenting upon our relationship to the natural world and place within it.

A three month residency at an NGO in the Bolivian Amazon basin was the basis for a solo exhibition that took place in October 2014.

Within her paintings Hooper is concerned with the duality of melancholy and its aesthetic, exploring this through carefully observing relationships between opposing subjects and elements.

An atmosphere of stillness and psychological intensity is created; traces are offered where a narrative could be constructed. Creatures when present are signifiers, at odds with their environment, leading us to consider theirs and our own belonging.

There is a dialogue with the romantic era where imagery and process hold a historical significance.

‘I often work from the collected animal; drawn from the past, and live and dead animal display, these images have a profundity that resonates on an unconscious level.’

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