Anthony Micallef Self Portrait

Anthony Micallef is a British Contemporary Artist working and living in London.

Anthony’s work has become instantly recognisable in the last few years with major shows all over the world, notably in Hong Kong, America and London. Anthony first appeared on the art scene after he became a prize winner at the BP portrait Award competition in 2000 which was the catalyst to his future career.

Anthony graduated with a Fine Arts degree from Plymouth university. Micallef’s practice has been summarises as critical pop, whilst exposing the darker side of our consumerist society and the human condition. His painterly style has been compared to that of the great Francis Bacon and that impasto layering of another famous artist including Franc Auerbach. There is an overwhelming sense of rawness in his paintings, his expressionist painterly marks work in stark contrast to the more graphic elements in his work. Anthony’s last major show Raw Intent, 2016 a series of self portraits, Micallef has moved his focus from social critique to depicting human emotion, saying;

“This body of work I’m making is

really about being human.’

Anthony Micallef in StudioDonald Trump. smoking, cigarette packets

Anthony’s most controversial piece to date is the political satire of Donald Trump using the Marlborough cigarette packets as his canvas, at the time Donald Trump a Republican nominated for presidency, Micallef used the cigarette packet to depict his portrait above the tagline “Smoking Kills”.

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