Dave White Original Otter Painting
Medium: Original oil painting
Dimensions unframed:


The Dave White Otter is an obvious example of White’s love of playing with scale. This super sized Otter confirms White’s ability to paint BIG. This piece really allows you to determine each brush stroke and mark. It the ultimate statement piece.

The Albion collection was first released back in 2014 where White explores various animals that roam the British landscape. When you think of a British countryside animal, you automatically think a valiant stag. (Along with the obvious Fox, Rabbit, Hare etc.) The original Dave White Stag V is painted in oils, from afar you notice immediately the nature and expression of the animal however the closer you are to the painting you can begin to recognise White’s abstract technique. The mixed palette, the unexpected colours incorporated with the natural earthy tones. White’s mark making is second to none, the carefully placing of irregular lines and smudges brings the work alive. Dave White still manages to obtain a refined finish and therefore the complete article is faultless.

Here at the Drang we also address framing of White’s original works and we can work to design a bespoke frame for your artwork so it compliments it exactly to your home.

The Drang Gallery also have available:

Dave White Stag V Limited Edition 24 Silkscreen Print, with Diamond Dust and Hand Finished with 24 Carat Gold Leaf. Edition of 5.

Dave White Stag V Limited Edition 24 Silkscreen Print, with Diamond Dust. Edition of 50

All Works are signed and numbered by the artist.

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